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Anyone else out there organizing and remodeling like crazy!!?? 

No, just me? (JK, I know y’all are doin the same thing!!)

   When Tidying Up with Marie Condo came out on Netflix last year, I was ON BOARD! Then, I stopped watching (and tidying up!). But since we’ve been confined to our homes, I am trying to make lemonade out of lemons and do all of those things I didn’t make time for before March 2020. So I started watching TUWMC again while on the treadmill and this has been my mantra when tackling all things organization. I decided to make a sign as a tangible reminder.   

You need one, too? we’re more than happy to make you one! Just say the word! only $22.00 (& All handmade by yours truly) with FREE local, contactless drop off. Or will ship.

Just let me know by clicking below  


Fun Together

We know all of the “little lola’s” (and their mamas) are probably a bit restless. In-person school will not be an option for a few months and we’re all trying to stay positive and keep those little hands busy.

This idea began soon after the shelter-in-place order was initiated,  but we really wanted it to be just right before putting it out in the universe.

This is what we had in mind...

- Mamas and daughters could create something meaningful together and conversations would be sparked. 

- While the projects aren’t complicated, they will occupy a good amount of time.

- The items would be tangible reminders of all things positive. 

- The kit would include a way to spread positivity to others.

- The tools in the kit would include supplies that could be reused/repurposed.

So, what will you get?

Everything necessary to complete a painted  7.25”x7.25” sign (wood, vinyl stencil, paint, paint brush and dabber),  silicone bracelet (beads, elastic cord, hand-stamped charm) and  pre-laminated/ pre-cut “positivity” cards to either hang around your home or share with others (think, walking in the neighborhood and placing on car windows or sending a special note to a friend).  

We hope that you will be just as excited about these as we are!!! We will be offering FREE contactless delivery to addresses within 25 miles of Poplar Grove or $5.00 shipping to addresses outside of our area.

PS: even though we created these with our littles in mind, these kits are a great option for anyone wanting to create a little positivity! 

Here's what you will receive

Here's what you will receive

Here's what you will receive


Here are all the supplies you'll need to complete these projects!

Spread the Positive!

Here's what you will receive

Here's what you will receive


The sayings on these cards will lift spirits!


Another Comfort Pillow Option

Home Town Pride

If you’ve followed along with my journey for the past several years, you know that I am so proud to be a small town girl!

Everybody knows everybody (everybody calls you friend).

... and don’t even bother trying to get away with anything, kiddos, because chances are your mama will have heard about it before you even get  back home.

Honestly though, while staying at home for an extended period of time  may not be ideal for anyone, there really are so many beautiful things to be thankful for. 

I’ve been in contact with so many friends and family on a daily basis,  friends checking in before going to the store to see if we need anything, and more memes coming through than I can keep up with.

Show Your Home Town Pride

If you’d like one of these sweet State pillows with your State and a heart showing your hometown. 

Order yours pillow(s) for $25 each. Shipping is FREE!

Just click the button below to order yours! 

A New Comfort Zone for You

Keep This Thought Always Before You

Keep This Thought Always Before You

Keep This Thought Always Before You


After finishing the last of our “give it to God and go to sleep” pillows this past weekend, I realized I really LOVED the look of these pillows, so I created another design with some of my favorite words -- IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.

 These (along with the Give it to God...) pillows are available for purchase ($22 ea)

Keep This Thought Always Before You

Keep This Thought Always Before You


You can pick up your pillow(s) or we’re happy to ship them. Shipping is free on all of our items through the end of March. 

We pray you’re all doing well and focusing on the good that’s all around us during these times.

We can’t wait to see you in person again @ Lola Lenora! 

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created”


Who we are is not a mistake. 

Where we are is not a mistake. 

These unprecedented times are not a surprise to God. 

More importantly, these times are not TOO MUCH for Him. While there is uncertainty right now, we are also bearing witness to the power of the human spirit and its ability to rise above.  

We have seen people go above and beyond to be kind, compassionate, supportive and resourceful!

Is our faith going to be tested? Yeah! 

Will we have to struggle a little to find a temporary new normal? Probably!! But we believe that through it all, 

He is still good and we GET to choose how we respond. 

A few years back, @shaesu and I put together this sweet little set because it was where our hearts were at that time and we so wanted to share that! We have been talking and brainstorming and knew that NOW was an even more relevant time for this beautiful reminder.

The 5x7 print (mounted on a happily glittered card stock) was hand-lettered by @shaesu while the necklace (available in silver or gold) was hand-stamped by @lisdunn.
The set is available for $25 ea, but because we want not only you to be blessed by this message, but we want you to bless someone else as well. We are offering these as a 

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!  AND shipping is FREE!

Do You Love This Pillow?


We can apply your name and a date for you!

Since the launch of our Silhouette Electronic Die Cutting class, we have had several requests from those just wanting to purchase the pillow.

If you would like a personalized pillow with your last name and year established, or with child’s name and birth date -- mm/dd/yyyy, (both measure 15”x12” and are $22 ea.) please click the button below. (You will be directed to our contact page where you can complete the information needed as listed below.)

Please include your email address and if you want to pick up or have your pillow shipped  (add $5).


Good to Remember All The Time!

Need some GOOD NEWS?!?!

As we all navigate this way of life that is so foreign to us, the blessings are still abundant.

There are so many beautiful things to be thankful for. While so much around us is uncertain, this one thing still remains.

HE is in control.

As we all prepare our lives and families for the weeks to come, we’re also preparing our hearts for Easter. We hope that you’re all staying well and finding the beauty in each day. 

As a small business we are rolling with the punches and conducting business just a little different!

Shop From Your Home!

We’ll be posting items for purchase (like this new pretty little piece) and shipping them right to you, for free over these next few weeks!!   

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