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Pretty little things with a purpose.

You are AMAZING!

During our sheltering-in-place, you all have been a lifeline to me and lola lenora! Since offering these masks, we have sewn more than 450 masks and have been able to donate hundreds of dollars to Carpenter's Place

Thank you so much for your orders and your compassion for others.


The Good You Have Done!


Thank you so much once again to ALL of you who purchased our masks!!

We have sewn more than 450 masks in the last few weeks. My sewing machine needs a break!

These last few weeks we have sewn like never before!! I recently told a dear friend that doing all of this sewing had me feeling nostalgic and connected with my Grandma Walker (the “Lenora” in lola lenora). She is the one who taught me to sew and that was something we did often when I was at her place. She was usually working on a project and I would get to go through her bin of scraps and create anything my little mind could come up with!! I made A LOT of Barbie clothes and bedding.

Maybe she is also responsible for my Fabric Hoarding obsession!

Another friend and I recently commented on how that hoarding issue came in handy for these masks, as ALL of the fabric used (with the exception of the 3 sports balls) in the 450+ masks, I already had in my supply stash!!

We are halting mask sales, at least for now, so we can share some of the other new, fun things we’ve been working on through all of this. And once again, THANK YOU so much for supporting Lis Dunn Designs and lola lenora boutique during this time of unknowns! 

We honestly have the  BEST customers


Your purchase helped others!

For  every mask sold, we donated 20% of the price to the Carpenter’s Place in  Rockford, Illinois. 

Please continue to support Carpenter's Place in Rockford, Illinois, or a charity of your choice.  Please help where and how you are able! 

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